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PSP Trailers - A guide to downloading

Miami Vice poster (2006)

Compiled by Jack Foley

1) Click on the link and save it to your computer.

2) Once the download is complete, click the file to unzip it. If you do not have Zip software, search ZipGenius on the internet and download the relevant software. Once done, inside the folder you should find an MP4 and THM file.

3) Connect your PSP to the computer using a USB to Mini USB lead – you will need to buy one of these as the lead isn’t included with the PSP pack.

4) On your PSP, choose the Settings option from the front-end menu and select USB Connection. PSP should now be recognised by your computer. If it doesn’t appear on the desktop, open My Computer and you’ll find it in there as a new drive.

5) Open the drive and you’ll see a folder called PSP (if you can’t see this then you’ll have to format the memory stick – refer to your PSP user manual for instructions on how to do this). Create a new folder alongside the PSP folder and label it MP_ROOT, making sure you use capital letters. This may happen automatically however.

6) Open the new MP_ROOT folder, create another new folder inside it and name it 100MNV01 (again this folder my already be present). This folder is where you must drop your video files, so copy the relevant MP4 and THM files into it. Now choose Eject on your computer and select the PSP drive. Disconnect your PSP from the computer when it is safe to do so.

Link to trailers