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Red Canyon - Preview

Red Canyon

Preview by Jack Foley

CHRISTINE Lakin (Valentine’s Day; Race To Witch Mountain) and Tim Draxl (Swimming Upstream) star as siblings in the gory thriller, Red Canyon, in which they face the ultimate challenge: staying alive.

The debut feature from director Giovanni Rodriquez, the film also stars Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), Justin Hartley (Smallville), Noah Fleiss, (Brick), Ankur Bhatt (Dirt) and talented newcomer, Katie Maguire.

Several years after experiencing a traumatic event in their mother’s hometown, two siblings, Regina (Lakin) and Devon (Draxl), along with a few of their friends, go back to where it all occurred in order to decide whether or not to sell off their late mother’s house. Ever since the incident took place, Regina (Lakin) has experienced flashbacks of the event and is easily spooked.

In order to face her fears, she returns to the nearby cave where the horror first began. Little does she know, what she discovers there will only worsen her deep-rooted terror.

For Regina and her friends, their idyllic trip to the quiet desert town is about to go downhill as members of the group are shot, sliced, chopped and stabbed by a brutal assailant. As the gore and disturbance factors intensify, the plot twists just keep on coming and lead to a shocking finale.

Red Canyon (cert. 15) will be released on DVD by Chelsea Films on May 23, 2011.