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Reservoir Dogs 2 Disc Collector's Edition - Preview

Reservoir Dogs

Preview by Jack Foley

FROM the opening discussion on Madonna’s Like a Virgin to the iconic ear-cutting scene, Reservoir Dogs 2-Disc Collectors’ Edition, with its ensemble cast of Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi and Lawrence Tierney is the quintessential Tarantino masterpiece.

It is now available for the first time to own on 2-disc collector’s edition DVD released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment on October 20, 2008.

The iconic story follows a group of gangsters, only referring to each other by the colour-coded pseudonyms, and the aftermath of their failed attempt at a jewellery heist. The survivors meet in an abandoned warehouse and the tension soon increases as they suspect one of them is a rat. Packed with some the most memorable lines in film history, Reservoir Dogs is undoubtedly one of the most influential films of all time.

Reservoir Dogs was the directorial debut, by the then unknown former video store clerk, Quentin Tarantino and is a brutally funny, supercharged introduction to his supremely distinct cinematic vision, which was later to become one of the most mimicked styles of the film world – this is the ultimate must have DVD in any film collection.

The Reservoir Dogs 2-Disc Collectors’ Edition is available for the first time in limited edition petrol can packaging with matchbook inlay and a plethora of brand new extras including: Blu-ray disc, Exclusive Original Art Cards, Commentary with Quentin Tarantino, The Critics’ Commentary, Reservoir Dogs Style Guide, Tipping Guide, Pulp Factoid Viewer, Playing it Fast and Lose, K Billy Super Sounds of the ‘70s, Interviews with cast and crew, plus much more.

Complete DVD Extras:
Limited edition petrol can steel case with matchbox inlay
Collector’s art cards
Newly remastered/6.1 DTS-ES audio/5.1 Digital Surround EX audio
Pulp Factoid Viewer
Playing It Fast and Loose
Tipping Guide
Commentary with Quentin Tarantino, cast and crew
Deleted Scenes
The Critics’ Commentary
Profiling the Reservoir Dogs
Class of ’92 – Sundance interviews
Tarantino’s Sundance Institute Film-makers Lab
An Introduction to Film Noir – Writers and Film-makers feature
Reservoir Dolls
Securing the Shot – Location Scouting with Billy Fox
Reservoir Dogs style guide
Dedications – Tarantino on his influences
Interviews with Quentin Tarantino and others
K-Billy Super Sounds of the ‘70s