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Saving The Titanic - Preview

Saving The Titanic

Preview by Jack Foley

SHE was the pride of the British Empire: The RMS Titanic. Yet she sank in less than three hours after striking an iceberg on April 14, 1912.

There have been many stories and dramas of the final few hours of the Titanic, but the unique tale of how a team of engineers attempted to save the stricken vessel has never been told before.

Now, 100 years later this gripping true story is told in Saving The Titanic, which comes to DVD for the first time courtesy of Arrow Films on April 16, 2012.

Saving The Titanic tells the story of the disaster from below deck. Based upon eye-witness accounts, this remarkable docu-drama recounts how nine men attempted to courageously hold back the power of the sea and keep the power systems running, even when they learned that all was lost. Most of these men died but their actions saved many lives.

The film features a stellar ensemble cast of leading actors including David Wilmot (The Guard; The Tudors; Intermission), Ciaran McMenamin (Young James Herriot; Primeval), Hugh O’Conor (Your Bad Self; Killing Bono), Stephen Hogan (Injustice; The Tudors), Conor MacNeill (Cherrybomb; 50 Dead Men Walking) and Chris Newman (Love/Hate; Love Is The Drug).

Saving The Titanic is an insightful and clever look at one of the great maritime disasters. It approaches its subject matter in a unique way, and is supported by a strong cast and a superb production design.

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Certificate: PG
Running time: 92mins
UK DVD Release: April 16, 2012