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Scar 3D

Scar 3D

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

JED Weintrob’s woefully exploitative Scar 3D is basically a sick gimmick in search of a film.

Billed – even hailed – as the first live-action feature to be shot entirely in HD 3D, it’s a lame, nasty horror experience that takes the whole torture porn concept to new lows. Worse, it doesn’t even boast particularly impressive effects.

Sixteen years after escaping teen-torturing town psychopath Ernie Bishop, Joan Burrows (Angela Bettis) returns home for her niece’s graduation only to be confronted by the possibility of a copycat killer. And, as the corpses begin piling up, the finger of suspicion begins to point to her.

Working from a deeply derivative screenplay from Zack Ford (which shamelessly steals from Scream, Halloween and countless other horror classics), Scar 3D intercuts present day sequences of Burrows’ homecoming with prolonged flashbacks to her ordeal at the hands of Bishop.

In doing so, the blood-letting is unrelenting. But then neither Ford nor Weintrob seem interested in plot or character as they speed from one on-screen depravity to the next. And performances – which are wooden, to say the least – suffer as a result.

3D fans may get a guilty pleasure from watching one young female victim perform an impromptu striptease, but the violence and blood-spurting is thankfully (and curiously) blurred… thereby failing to make the most of the medium.

Far from leaving anyone psychologically scarred afterwards, this inept attempt to push forward a genre is more likely to leave horror fans baying for the director’s blood.

Certificate: 18
Running time: 90mins
UK DVD Release: March 2, 2009