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Sex Drive

Sex Drive

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

IT MAY chart over-familiar coming-of-age territory but Sean Anders’ Sex Drive offers a suitably crowd-pleasing romp thanks to some genuinely funny gags and the appealing nature of its young, emerging cast.

Eighteen-year-old Ian (Josh Zuckerman) is desperate to lose his virginity, but can’t seem to get a break at school and is constantly undermined by his brash, older brother (James Marsden). But he has a plan: a cross-country road trip to meet the Internet girlfriend who has promised to deflower him!

So, with ladies’ man Lance (Clark Duke) and best friend Felicia (Amanda Crew) in tow, he sets off in his brother’s stolen car to do just that… encountering numerous hazards and near-death experiences along the way.

Taken at face value, the film does borrow heavily from the likes of Road Trip and the American Pie series, given its potty-mouthed characters and filthy sense of humour. Hell, even James Marsden seems to be channelling the energy and wit of Seann William Scott’s Stifler [from the American Pie series].

But it also has its heart in the right place, so that viewers do care about the characters no matter how absurd their exploits become.

Zuckerman exudes a shy, everyman quality as Ian, Duke is brilliant fun as unlikely sex God Lance, and Crew is an appealing, smart-mouthed, if really rather obvious future love interest. There’s also strong support from the aforementioned Marsden, clearly having a ball as Ian’s testosterone fuelled older brother, and Seth Green as a guilt-tripping Amish guy with a knack for fixing engines.

Some of the scrapes the characters find themselves in are hilariously OTT, the raunch factor is naughty without being offensive, and there are some very amusing visual gags that do actually display a little ingenuity.

So, while Sex Drive may not lay claim to doing anything really different for the genre it represents, it nevertheless goes about its business very well – and you can’t help but be amused in the process.

Certificate: 15
Running time: 109mins
UK DVD Release Date: May 4, 2009