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Space Battleship Yamato - Preview

Space Battleship Yamato

Preview by Jack Foley

AN epic space odyssey takes to the stars in Space Battleship Yamato, the most expensive film ever made in Japan.

With an out of this world budget, this intergalactic blockbuster takes viewers into deep space and beyond for a war set to bring the human race to its knees!

Leading Yamato is veteran director Takeshi Tamazaki who garnered almost every award in Japan with his Always Sunset on Third Street and stars Japanese heartthrob Takuya Kimura (Howl’s Moving Castle, Love and Honour).


Earth 2199; the human race has been forced underground as the Earth’s surface is ravaged by an alien race known only as the Gamilas. As humanity struggles to hold on to the small pockets of life it has left; hope arrives in the form of a message from another home world.

The refugees of the planet Iskandar have news of a device that will undo the damage the Gamilas have done throughout the war.

The radiation that plagues the earth’s surface and the damage that it has done can be reversed but to do so, humanity’s fate will rest in the hands of crew of Space Battleship Yamoto as they venture into deepest space to go head to head with the Gamila scourge.

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