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Spectre - Dave Bautista DVD interview


Compiled by Jack Foley

DAVE Bautista talks about playing an iconic James Bond villain in Spectre and what it was like to work with the film’s director, Sam Mendes.

He also discusses his thoughts on Spectre as a whole and, in particular, the film’s opening sequence. SPECTRE is available on Digital HD™ from February 19, and Blu-ray™ & DVD from February 22, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Q. Tell us about how you became involved with Spectre?
Dave Bautista: Even when I was asked for the audition I was super excited because I grew up with James Bond and it wasn’t until my conversation with Sam that I was really excited and then I had the part before I had the script so I knew about the nature of the character, I was very familiar and I was very excited because I knew I was going to bring back this very classic and nostalgic type James Bond hench man which you haven’t seen since the 80’s. I read the script for the first time and there’s not a whole lot with Hinx but the introduction scene was very descriptive and I read it and I went: “Oh my God, this is great!” Because it’s such a statement about this character and about this organization and I just fell in love with it and was just excited.

Q. What was it like working with Sam Mendes?
Dave Bautista: Sam was constantly directing me and putting thoughts into my head and creating a demeanor and a mind-set to the character which was a cool thing and actually required a lot of direction. I don’t know if people will see this and think it too but it actually did require a lot of direction. I think because Sam is so precise in what he wants, he really is precise, up to giving examples of looks that he wants which is a great thing as it makes my job very easy. It was very comforting.

Q. What are your thoughts on Spectre as a whole?
Dave Bautista: What I feel, and this is speaking strictly as a fan, what really captured my attention and in Skyfall they really just tapped into that nostalgic James Bond, it just had a really familiar comforting feel but a new way, a faster way, that’s what it was and I think Sam tapped into that with Skyfall and just took it and turned it up with Spectre, he turned up the volume and it’s a magical thing, when he can capture that feel through characters, capture it visually, through storylines but then involve modern day issues and modern day concerns and I think that’s what gets people really emotionally involved in the storyline and as a whole, it makes it newer and better and interesting and you have to give all the credit to Sam. I think the combination of Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig has really made this very special.

Q. Tell us what you think of the iconic opening scene?
Dave Bautista: I watched the opening scene as a fan and the whole day of the dead parade, how beautiful it was then also the action but then when they got in the helicopter I was like “Oh my God”, my heart was pounding and I’m excited and that’s the kind of stuff I want to see as a fan but also it set the tone for the rest of the film. I turned to my best friend and I was like “Oh my God this is great”, it just made me automatically excited and very proud to be a part of this so I think that scene in particular is such a big, broad and exciting scene.

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SPECTRE is available on Digital HD™ from February 19, and Blu-ray™ & DVD from February 22, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.