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Star Trek Into Darkness - Simon Pegg DVD interview

Star Trek Into Darkness

Compiled by Jack Foley

SIMON Pegg talks about reprising the role of Scotty in Star Trek Into Darkness and how he would describe the character.

He also talks about his love of working with JJ Abrams, why interacting with the devoted fans doesn’t bother him and his own passion for Star Trek from the beginning. Star Trek Into Darkness is released on Blu-ray & DVD on Monday, September 2, 2013.

Q: How did this movie feel different compared to the first one?
Simon Pegg: Everything felt bigger to be honest. The set was much bigger. I think we had the biggest rendering of the Starship Enterprise in the history of the Star Trek story. We had a bridge that was connected to a corridor that went through to the med bay, engineering and the transporter room… so you could do long talking, walking scenes and have a sense of the ship’s size.

Q: Is it true that the set for the ship was so big that it had to be put on a gimbal?
Simon Pegg: Yes, that is true. This set was just too big to move. We are on a wire, running on our sides, which is very hard to do. But it enabled us to have that sensation, to do that on a much bigger scale. And it was hard work. JJ [Abrams] made me run all the time. I felt like a professional athlete. And I was very tired [Laughter].

Q: What was it like to come back to this character?
Simon Pegg: It always takes a little getting used to again. But the first time we were all together on the bridge with the same supporting crew, it felt like coming home almost. It was great. It didn’t feel like four years had passed.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe Scotty?
Simon Pegg: Scotty is a slightly lighter-hearted character in the sense that he’s kind of the Everyman, so he reacts to situations like we would really. I felt like I was having a dream when I was offered the job by JJ (Abrams).

Q: Your storyline in Into Darkness is much bigger than before. Did you like having a more important role this time around?
Simon Pegg: Well, I wasn’t really in the first movie that much. But in this film I am there from the get-go. I loved it. And I loved that Scotty’s principles help to save the day. You know, I always related best to Scotty. Maybe because he’s British. I’ve always liked the guy the most. And then to be able to go and play him in this movie, talk about a dream come true.

Q: You are dealing with aliens a lot in this film. I have to ask, do you believe in them?
Simon Pegg: Yes, I do. Just look at the statistics. There are billions and billions of planets. I don’t believe that they’ll visit us. That’s beyond physical capabilities, with the distance between planets, let alone galaxies. It’s way, way too vast to travel in our timeframe. Even at warp speed. But the notion that there’s nothing out there is arrogant and naïve.

Q: Were you a big fan of the Star Trek mythology from the very beginning?
Simon Pegg: I grew up watching Star Trek and I think Karl Urban and me are probably the most knowledgeable. I am totally amazed at times how much I remember about the series.

Q: Did your knowledge influence your performance?
Simon Pegg: We all had that tricky task of channeling our forebears without ever impersonating them. We had to look at what they had done before and build on it, and make our own version of it but, at the same time, respect choices they made and parlay that into what we did.

Q: What is it about JJ Abrams in your opinion that makes him a filmmaker everybody wants to work with?
Simon Pegg: I think he’s just got boundless creativity and enthusiasm. He loves his job. I mean he utterly loves the art of filmmaking. He’s been a fan of it since he was a child. A small child. He puts all his energy into it. He’s a wonderful collaborator and he’s in it for the right reasons.

Q: The Star Trek fan base is pretty intense. What’s it like for you to interact with the fans of this franchise?
Simon Pegg: Oh, that’s easy. I am one of them. I love them. I think they’re a really dedicated bunch. They have a really naked passion, which you’ve got to admire. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and their love of something. They celebrate it. It’s nice to be around people really loving stuff. It’s so much nicer than people hating stuff.

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Star Trek Into Darkness is released on Blu-ray & DVD on Monday, September 2, 2013.