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Stephen King’s Desperation - Preview

Stephen King's Desperation

Preview by Jack Foley

FROM the pen of Stephen King comes the terrifying tale of a lonely town where everything is most certainly not as it seems: Desperation.

Starring Ron Perlman, Steven Weber and Tom Skerritt, Stephen King’s Desperation is the perfect DVD for anyone looking to enjoy a fright-night this Halloween! It’s released by Warner Home Video on October 22, 2007.

Posing as cop Collie Entragian, the evil Tak is able to catch his prey while surveying the almost empty highway that leads to and from the once proud mining town of Desperation.

Caught in his deceptive web are famous author Johnny Marville; Ralph and Ellie Carver and their son, David – whose faith may hold the key to bringing down Tak; and Mary and Peter Jackson who discover previously unknown courage as they wage war on the beast.

Everyone soon discovers that unearthing the long abandoned mine in Desperation awakened Tak and his control over the desert’s animals and insects makes him even more invincible to the reluctant fighters who must battle to bring down the beast and save themselves in the process.

Fans of Stephen King’s unique brand of horror will love the other Stephen King titles previously released by Warner Home Video including IT, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Storm Of The Century, The Stand and Rose Red.