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Surviving Summer - Preview

Surviving Summer

Preview by Jack Foley

STARRING Lizzie Mcguire actress and teen starlet Hilary Duff, Surviving Summer is a feel-good movie that tells the story of Greta (Duff), a bright and beautiful yet off-the-rails teen, whose life changes over one highly eventful summer holiday.

This quirky coming-of-age drama is perfect for a girly night in and is released through Icon Home Entertainment on June 21, 2010!

The fiery and rebellious Greta is pushed to her wits end when she is shipped off to her grandparents for the summer, and has to survive three months in the sleepy retirement capital of the US.

In fact, ever the drama queen, she tells her grandparents that she fully intends to kill herself before the summer is over!

Having tested them one too many times, her grandparents finally make Greta learn to fend for herself, forcing her to get a job and make new friends…but with Greta nothing is ever that simple!

Join Greta on a tumultuous journey that see’s her warm to her ever loving grandparents, find romance in the most unlikely place, and experience a wakeup call that makes her realise how her actions can have serious effects on those closest to her.

Surviving Summer is directed by Nancy Bardawil and co-stars Ellen Burstyn and Melissa Leo.

© 2010 Icon Home Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Certificate: PG
Running time: 92mins
UK DVD Release: June 21, 2010