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The 7th Dimension - Preview

The 7th Dimension

Preview by Jack Foley

HAVE you ever wanted to predict the future? Have you ever believed in a conspiracy?

On August 23, 2010 provoking Sci-Fi drama The 7th Dimension explores the realms of science and religion on DVD.

The members of Beacon 77, a dedicated group of computer hackers, do and now they have hacked in they cannot get back out …Taking on the Vatican’s secrets with their computers, these hackers are now faced with the puzzles of the Bible Code, a code that if cracked would give anyone who uncovers it ultimate knowledge and unlimited power.

But, once Beacon 77 discovers the world’s conspiracies, who is left to trust?

Never before has the battle between science and religion been so serious as never before has the future of the universe been in so much danger.

But who will win: the unprepared hackers who have discovered the deadly 7th Dimension or the omnipresent power that is far greater than any computer?

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