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The Caller - Preview

The Caller

Preview by Jack Foley

FROM British director Matthew Parkhill comes this disturbing tale starring Twilight’s illuminating Rachelle Lefevre and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer.

Lefevre is divorcee Mary Kee who is being harassed by both her ex-husband Steven (Ed Quinn – True Blood), and a mysterious female caller with the alarming claim that she is ringing from Mary’s own past.

This atmospheric, eerie chiller will leave audiences jumping each time their phone rings – when it arrives on Blu-ray & DVD in time for Halloween 2011 (on October 24, 2011).

Following her divorce Mary moves into a new apartment and is keen to get on with the rest of her life including building a budding new relationship with the charismatic John Guidi (Stephen Moyer).

When she begins to receive phone calls from a mysterious woman she at first dismisses them for a confused caller, but as the calls continue the lonely Mary eventually begins to strike up an unlikely friendship with the woman, whom she discovers is called Rose.

However as the calls become more regular, Mary becomes disturbed by Rose’s claims that she is calling from Mary’s own past. As her sense of being haunted escalates an alarmed Mary tries to cut off all contact but Rose makes it frighteningly clear that she does not like to be ignored.

With Rose threatening a terrible revenge, the two become embroiled in a petrifying game of cat and mouse that traverses time through Mary’s past and present.

Fans of Twilight and True Blood will enjoy the opportunity to see Lefevre, Moyer and Quinn playing The Caller’s tormented lead characters, whilst the director Matthew Parkhill plays on the dark and atmospheric Puerto Rico locations to create a claustrophobic situation for both Mary and the audience.

Once the credits role, if you can take any more terror, the Blu-ray and DVD also include an alternative ending, ‘Making of’ feature, deleted scenes and a director’s commentary to give an insight into the making of the psychodrama.

With the ominous danger of Rose’s disembodied voice designed to truly terrify, The Caller is the perfect film to watch hidden behind the sofa this Halloween – just don’t forget to disconnect the phone first!

The Caller arrives on Blu-ray and DVD from October 24, 2011, and to celebrate we have 3 copies up for grabs. Simply answer the following question…

Q: Rachelle Lefevre also starred in what famous film franchise?

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