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The Doors - Blu-ray Preview

The Doors

Preview by Jack Foley

2011 is the 40th anniversary of the death of legendary Doors front man Jim Morrison.

With their legend intact and music as popular as ever, Oliver Stone’s biopic has been restored and is released here for the first time on Blu-ray on Monday, April 18, 2011.

Val Kilmer was born to play Jim Morrison, and is supported by a cast that includes Meg Ryan, Kyle MacLachlan, Billy Idol and Michael Madsen.

Featuring music from The Doors themselves and electrifying recreations of their most infamous on-stage performances, Stone captures perfectly the tumultuous, psychedelic journey of one of the late 60’s most exciting and influential bands.

The Doors trivia/did you know?…

1) Prior to production, Val Kilmer lived and breathed Morrison for nearly a year, dressing in his clothes and hanging around at his old haunts on Sunset Strip.

2) Among other actors considered for the role were Tom Cruise, Jason Patric and John Travolta. During the time Travolta was being considered he met the band and they discussed reforming the band and going on tour with Travolta on vocals. In the end, they chose not to do this because they felt John Travolta was too nice to fill Morrison’s shoes.

3) Billy Idol’s role in the movie was originally much bigger. But prior to filming, he was in a motorcycle accident that left him seriously injured and unable to walk.

4) The real grave of Jim Morrison is shown at the end of the movie, filmed at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France. The headstone has since been changed and the graffiti was removed from the surrounding graves at the request of Jim’s parents.

5) Val Kilmer broke his arm badly when he performed a jump from the stage into the crowd and the stuntman failed to catch him.

Extras: Jim Morrison: A Poet in Paris / back to the Roots new documentary incl interviews with Kyle MacLachlan and Oliver Stone.