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The Dresden Files: Season 1

The Dresden Files

Preview by Jack Foley

LIONS Gate Home Entertainment is to release The Dresden Files, based on the best selling novels by Jim Butcher, on DVD on August 27.

An adult story full of wizards, dark forces and enchantment The Dresden Files combines heavyweight super powers and magic with the modern day world, in which each exist side by side only unknown to most people… except for Dresden.

The Dresden Files is a contemporary story of good versus evil, with a twist.

Harry Dresden is a private detective with unusual powers he has had since a child. Using these special powers, he helps those in trouble or need and regularly assists on some of the more bizarre and unusual cases that Chicago police investigator Lt Karrin Murphy (Valerie Cruz) cannot solve.

The first episode, Birds of a Feather for instance, begins when a young frightened boy comes to Harry for his assistance with “monsters” that are out to get him.

Initially, Harry turns him away believing the boy to have an overactive imagination. But once Harry learns that the young boy has far more in common with him than first thought, he realises that these same monsters could have been the ones that came after him as a young boy.

The Dresden Files is a must see supernatural series for any fantasy fiction fan.

DVD special features include audio commentary With Michael Grossman, Paul Blackthorne and Robert Hewitt Wolfe, deleted scenes, Things That Go Bump audio commentary with Michael Grossman, Paul Blackthorne and Robert Hewitt Wolfe the making of the series.