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The Final - DVD Preview & competition

The Final

Preview by Jack Foley

SAW and Hostel meet Columbine High School Massacre-inspired movies such as Elephant, Zero Day and The Class in The Final, the debut feature from director Joey Stewart.

Starring Marc Donato (White Oleander; Pay It Forward), Jascha Washington (Big Momma’s House 2; Last Holiday), Travis Tedford (The Little Rascals) and Julin (Sweatshop), The Final is a brutal, unflinching and shockingly violent portrayal of a small group of geeks’ systematic revenge against their bullying jock, cheerleader and prom queen tormenters.

Tired of being one of several victims of a routine of endless bullying by the high school jocks and their socially superior girlfriends, awkward student Dane (Donato) decides to turn the tables and plots to avenge the years of humiliation to which he has been subjected.

Leading a small group of similarly victimized outcasts, Dane, driven by the group’s deadly vendetta and his own suicidal tendencies, secretly organizes a must-attend fancy dress party at a remote farm house left to him by his late uncle.

With their prospective victims collected together in one place, all the geeks need to do is spike the punch, put restraints on the unfortunate, drugged partygoers and begin a long night of retribution that is certain to leave several of the guests if not dead, then at least scarred for life, both emotionally and physically…

Featuring novel if somewhat inappropriate uses for cattle prods and stun guns, gardening shears, acupuncture needles and a specially formulated skin cream you wouldn’t want to leave on for too long, The Final is a horror movie aimed fairly and squarely at viewers with very strong nerves and comes with a BBFC warning to consumers “contains strong sadistic violence”.

The Final (cert. 18) is released by Chelsea Films and will open at selected UK cinemas on August 13, 2010, before being released on DVD on August 23.

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To celebrate the release of The Final in cinemas on August 13 and on DVD on August 23, 2010, IndieLondon has teamed up with Chelsea Films to offer readers the chance to win 1 of 5 copies. Simply answer the following question…

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