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The Kill Point - Preview

The Kill Point

Preview by Jack Foley

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Extensive Cast and Crew Interviews.

THE Kill Point is the critically acclaimed, action packed mini-series with powerful and gritty performances from the rock-solid cast, including John Leguizamo (Romeo + Juliet, Assault on Precinct 13), Donnie Wahlberg (The Saw series), Tobin Bell (Saw, 24) and Frank Grillo (Prison Break) and is available to own on DVD from May 26, 2008 at an RRP of £24.99

Mr Wolf aka Sergeant Jake Mendez (Leguizamo), a veteran of the war in Iraq, was a Platoon Sergeant with 15 years of service, three tours of duty and a court-martial under his belt. Desperate for money and with a political agenda to highlight the lack of support for veterans, he assembles his former platoon – ‘Cat’, ‘Mouse’, ‘Pig’ & ‘Rabbit’ – to rob a major bank.

When things go awry they’re forced to take a dozen hostages who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, as Mr. Wolf finds himself battling the police, the hostages and his own personal demons.

When Mr Wolf makes a public statement in front of a gathering crowd, detailing his demands, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary bank robbery…and these Iraqi war veterans are no ordinary robbers….

On the opposite side of the law is Captain Horst Cali (Wahlberg), the Pittsburgh Police Department Hostage Negotiator, who must go head to head with Mr Wolf to free the hostages before the FBI take control and events escalate beyond control.

Which man will blink first? Who will out-smart the other? Will Cali (with a penchant for correct grammar even in the most stressful of circumstances) be sharp enough to hold it all together or lose control of the situation? Will Mr Wolf find redemption before it’s too late?

The Kill Point is a testosterone fuelled heist drama with a political sting in its tail, vetting two sides with equally compelling perspectives and matching wits. The twist in the challenge for viewers will be deciding who to root for, in the series critics are hailing as a mix of hit US series The Wire and 24.

The Kill Point is the latest TV series to come from the Lionsgate VIPTV stable, following on from acclaimed series such as Weeds, Dresden Files and The Lost Room, and preceding the Golden Globe winning Mad Men, which is out on DVD on June 30.