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The Mark of Cain - Preview

Mark of Cain

Preview by Jack Foley

SHANE Gulliver and Mark Tate are two ordinary 18 year-olds serving with the British Army in Iraq. Amidst constant insurgent attacks and suicide bombings, the platoon struggles to maintain the uneasy peace and to subdue a barrage of hostilities.

When the popular company captain is killed on patrol by a roadside bomb, morale in the platoon hits rock bottom. Acting on orders they round up several suspects from house-to-house searches.

That night feelings at the camp are running high and as the chain of command is weakened events spiral out of control.

Inspired by true events The Mark of Cain pulls you deep inside the Iraq conflict and shows you the true fear, horror and uncertainty of war.

It’s sure to be controversial because the story echoes real-life events, including the case of three British soldiers who were convicted of abusing Iraqi civilians at Camp Bread Basket, Basra, in May 2003.

However, the film-makers have stressed that the drama is not based on any one particular event – but rather “about eight”.

And one of its stars, Gerard Kearns (of Shameless fame), who plays Private Mark Tate, maintained: “It’s entirely fiction. Tony Marchant [the writer] did a lot of research into the Army and the way it works. He interviewed a lot of soldiers.”

Editor’s note: Channel 4 had been hoping to show the film on April 5 bit issued a statement in the wake of the situation in Iran that stated the show had been postponed until May 17, “subject to the diplomatic stand-off between Britain and Iran being satisfactorily resolved”.