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The Miracle Of St. Ralph - Preview

The Miracle of St Ralph

Preview by Jack Foley

MULTI-award winner and international film festival family favourite The Miracle Of St. Ralph will finally be released on DVD on May 31, 2010.

Written and directed by Michael McGowan, this heartwarming tale stars Academy Award nominated actress Jennifer Tilly, stage and screen star Campbell Scott (Dying Young and currently starring in television series Damages with Glenn Close) and respected veteran actor Gordon Pinsent (The Good Shepherd and the Oscar nominated Away From Her).

Fatherless 14-year-old Ralph Walker (Adam Butcher) is an oddball who has a knack for finding trouble at every turn as he tries to deal with his blossoming manhood. When his mother goes into a coma, Ralph realizes that he needs to create a miracle in order to bring her back to health.

Ralph forms allies in the most unlikely places from former marathon runner Father Hibbert (Campbell Scott) to Nurse Alice (Jennifer Tilly) and outruns everyone’s expectations, except his own, in his deluded quest to win the 1959 Boston Marathon.

The Miracle Of St. Ralph offers the freshness of a new face such as Adam Butcher as Ralph, the sophistication of Campbell Scott, sprinkled with the salt of legendary actor Gordon Pinsent and the unexpected spice from Jennifer Tilly. [The film] presents a fresh and very engaging message to the audiences,” explains Andrea Mann, Producer.

The Miracle Of St. Ralph is a magical story without relying on special effect. It is a charming and touching timeless tale, without a Hollywood ending. Expect a rollercoaster of emotions speaking universal truths.

The audience cannot help but venture from pitying Ralph’s situation to getting outraged to the bullying ways of his supposed friends and teachers, through his determination and desire to succeed and compete in the seemingly impossible, all to perform a miracle.

Certificate: 12
Running time: 98mins
UK Release Date: May 31, 2010