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The Raging Moon - Preview

The Raging Moon

Preview by Jack Foley

THE Raging Moon is a critically-acclaimed romantic drama directed by Bryan Forbes.

Bruce (Malcolm McDowell) is a lively young man with an eye for a pretty girl. Returning home slightly the worse for wear from drink after a wedding, he suddenly collapses in the lift of the block of flats in which he lives.

When he wakes up in hospital, he finds he is unable to walk, and the doctors cannot diagnose his problem. His family refuse to house him, and Bruce is forced to move to a convalescence home where, having becoming increasingly bitter and depressed about his situation, he strikes up a friendship with fellow inmate Jill (Nanette Newman).

Under her influence, he begins to enjoy life again. But can their love survive as they struggle with the prospect of moving out of the home and looking for work?

The Raging Moon is released on digitally restored DVD on Monday, November 23, 2015.

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