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The Rocker - DVD Preview

The Rocker

Preview by Jack Foley

TAKING viewers on a hilarious ride into the grungy world of rock and roll, The Rocker tells the story of Robert ‘Fish’ Fisherman, a failed drummer desperate to get a second shot at his 15 minutes of fame.

Released on DVD on March 9, thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, this irreverent comedy follows Fish as struggles to reclaim the heady heights of rock superstardom that were so nearly his.

Roping his teenage nephew’s band into his outrageous plans along the way Fish is determined to live his dreams, no matter what the cost.

Commenting on the inspirations behind the film, and whether it reflects the inner rocker in him, former Full Monty director Peter Cattaneo said: “Doesn’t everyone want to be a rock star, really? I was in a band, in fact, briefly as a teenager. I’ve always wanted to do a rock ‘n’ roll story and I developed a couple of ideas and thrown them at writers. London is a great rock ‘n’ roll city. But in the end, it worked the other way and the script came to me. I read that one line idea and thought it sounded fun.

“Rainn [Wilson] was already attached, and I knew him from The Office and Six Feet Under, so it seemed like a great project for me. The idea just really appealed – this mixture of rock ‘n’ roll and a guy who had been rejected getting a second chance.”

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