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The Torment - Preview & competition

The Torment

Preview by Jack Foley

EVER since the likes of Blair Witch hit the scene, the horror genre has hugely benefited from the documentary approach.

It provides a gruesomely realistic truthfullness to the story being told and The Torment is a prime example.

Set for DVD release on August 9, 2010, courtesy of Momentum Pictures, this supernatural shockumentary about a demonic presence in a young couple’s home will leave you begging for anything other than sheer realism.

A tale of demonic possession, strange goings-on, and human beings tortured to the brink of insanity by forces we don’t fully understand, The Torment portrays an explanation that defies logic as the hand held, point-of-view shooting puts the audience into the characters heads.

Key to the action is the fact that the haunting isn’t attached to a location but to the central character himself, David O’Reilly (Giles Alderson).

The action unfolds as David turns up in the middle of the night at the London flat of his friends Alex (Nicholas Shaw) and Kate (Zoe Richards) with the explanation that his girlfriend has left him.

Feeling sorry for him, they let David stay, but are totally unaware of the real reason he’s turned up – for two weeks he’s seen and heard things that have terrified him so much, he’s fled to what he hopes will be a safe haven.

The chilling story unfolds as the haunting continues over the next couple of nights with harrowing results.

Inspired by a real life domestic incident in which the police were called to a block of converted Victorian flats where a perplexing and disturbing scene confronted them, The Torment shockingly displays the fear the characters see as they try to escape the horrors they are faced with.

Thesaurus: TORMENT = anguish, suffering, agony, distress, pain, torture, ordeal, pleasure (antonym) – need we say more?

Win The Torment on DVD

To celebrate the release of The Torment on DVD, IndieLondon has teamed up with Momentum Pictures to offer readers the chance to win 1 of 3 copies. Simply answer the following question…

Q. Who stars as David O’Reilly in The Torment?

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Certificate: 15
Running time: tbc
UK DVD Release: August 9, 2010