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Waiting - Review

Ryan Reynolds in Waiting

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Interactive menus, Bonus footage, Deleted scenes, CommentaryOther documentaries (‘That Little Extra’, ‘Sending It Back: The Real Dish on Waiting Tables’)

GROSS out humour hits a new low in Waiting, a deeply unsatisfyng look at a day in the life of the dead-end staff at ShenaniganZ Bar & Grill where laughs are as rare as the steaks on the menu.

Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris are among those attempting to extract chuckles from jokes involving exposed male genitalia, gay bashing and under-age sex.

But quite how they found the script appealing is almost as big a mystery as how the film got made in the first place.

Waiting picks up as Monty (Reynolds) is given the task of training newcomer Mitch (John Francis Daley) in his first day in the job.

The ensuing first day finds Mitch at the mercy of the restaurant’s many unsavoury characters, from head cook Raddimus (Luis Guzman), who likes to pollute customers’ food in between having sex with his girlfriend, to over-zealous manager Dan (David Koechner), who takes a perverse delight in wielding the power he holds over everyone.

Thrown in to the mix is the under-achieving Dean (Dodgeball’s Justin Long), who has come to question his role in life after hearing about the success of a fellow high school classmate, and tough-talking Serena (Faris), the ballsy ex-girlfriend of Monty, who frequently gives as good as she gets when trading banter with her male colleagues.

Writer-director Rob McKittrick is a self-confessed admirer of films such as Clerks and Dazed and Confused and clearly views this comedy as another cult-classic in waiting.

But the result is so far wide of the mark that not even the tight 93-minute running time feels like any sort of compensation.

The jokes are distasteful, the acting wretched and the events so utterly contrived that Waiting ultimately becomes offensive to watch, especially in light of the central gag involving attempts by two of the main characters to bed an under-age colleague.

The only thing viewers are likely to be hungry for after seeing it is a refund!

Certificate: 15
Running time: 93mins