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Wanderlust - DVD Review


Review by Louise Carleton

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

AS THE credits roll at the end of Wanderlust the audience is treated to out-takes and bloopers from the film. It would appear that the cast had more fun actually making the film than the audience will have watching it.

It isn’t that Wanderlust isn’t funny in places; there are some good jokes and some funny scenes but for the most part the jokes are predictable and dragged out until they become irritable.

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston play Manhattan-dwelling couple George and Linda who, when hit hard by the recession, lose their tiny studio apartment and their jobs.

They are forced to relocate to Georgia to live with George’s boorish and self-obsessed brother Rick (played by co-writer Ken Marino) and his unhappy, margarita-loving wife Marissa (Michaela Watkins).

But on their drive up they stumble across a New Age commune called Elysium and, needing a place to stay after a surprise encounter with the local nudist Wayne (Jo Lo Truglio) causes their car to overturn, bunk down for the night.

Once they finally make it to Rick and Marissa’s it’s not long until they realise they’re impossible to live with and head back to Elysium, which is populated by drug-taking, vegan hippies.

Cue over the top characters and tired jokes as George and Linda’s marriage is threatened by the commune’s free love manifesto and the plot begins to sink under the weight of so much dramatising and stereotyping about free love and loving the planet.

There are, however, some nice turns from some of the characters, the most notable being Justin Theroux as the commune’s crooked, Linda-obsessed leader.

Rudd is hard to dislike and although he misses the mark here and there (it’s hard not to compare him to previous funny characters he’s played so well in pieces like I Love you Man and Knocked Up) he, coupled with Theroux, carry much of the film and it’s a shame that David Wain and Rick Marino’s script lets them down in places.

Aniston plays the character she seems most comfortable with: the ditzy, pretty woman she first played in Friends – which although isn’t terrible, isn’t fantastic either.

Overall the film is disappointing and, after a while, irritating and unfortunately not one I would watch again.

Certificate: 15
Runing time: 98mins
UK Blu-ray & DVD Release: June 25, 2012