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Weeds: Season 3 - Preview

Weeds: Season 3

Preview by Jack Foley

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Gag Reel; Uncle Awol; Trivia Tracks; Mary-Kate Olsen Bio; Good Morning Agrestic! Original featurettes.

THE buzz is back! Critically acclaimed Weeds has returned for its third season which sees everyone’s favourite drug dealing mum expanding her herbal horizons in funnier, darker and more daring plot twists.

Golden Globe® winner Mary-Louise Parker stars as Nancy Botwin, the suburban mother of two who had to learn how to deal – weed that is – after the death of her husband.

This third season reaches new highs as Nancy learns that hiding the truth from the utopian suburbia where she lives isn’t easy, particularly since her best friend is the town mayor! So get ready to get hooked on Weeds.

The explosive first episode of Weeds Season Three kicks off with Nancy fighting against the clock to find her stash while Andy is still in hot pursuit of the still-missing Shane! Things are hotting up between Conrad and Nancy and just how far will she go to keep her herbal hempire growing?

Heylia and Conrad come across the perfect location for a new business venture and Andy is finally forced to sign up to the army. Silas proves he’s qualified for a job in the family business along with new found love Tara (Mary-Kate Olsen) whilst Nancy forms an unlikely friendship with Peter’s ex wife.

Celia seems intent on disciplining the Botwins but finally gives in whilst Dean and Doug get into some sticky situations. Meanwhile, Nancy has to deal with U-Turn and find a way to pay him back.

Featuring more episodes than ever, and including some truly class A extras, such as Good Morning Agrestic Featurettes and a hilarious Gag Reel, Weeds Season 3 is out to own on DVD from May 26, 2008.