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Went The Day Well? - Preview

Went The Day Well?

Preview by Jack Foley

BASED on a short story by Graham Greene, Went The Day Well is a superb piece of British wartime propaganda.

Disguised German paratroopers set up an advance post for a planned invasion in an unsuspecting British village…

The film is set post-war and told in flashback by a villager (Mervyn Johns) sitting in the churchyard where the German soldiers are buried.

He speaks directly to the camera, which, during the opening credits, moves towards the village along a road, eventually arriving at the churchyard and being ushered toward a grave monument.

The villager explains: “They wanted England, these Jerries did, and this is the only bit they got.” (a paraphrase of the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson’s famous words to the invading King Harald Hardrada of Norway).

Directed by Alberto Cavalcanti and starring Leslie Banks, C.V. France and Valerie Taylor, the film was produced by Ealing Studios in 1942 and includes the first major role of Thora Hird, and one of the last of C.V. France.

It was filmed in Turville, Buckinghamshire.

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