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White Lightnin' - Preview

White Lightnin'

Preview by Jack Foley

DIRECTOR Dominic Murphy’s feature debut White Lightnin’ is the tale of Jesco White, ‘The Dancing Outlaw’.

Brilliantly played by British actor Edward Hogg, Jesco is the last of the Appalachian Mountain dancers.

Ever since he was a child who was hooked on sniffing gas and lighter fluid, his daddy D Ray (Muse Watson) tried to keep his boy on the right hand of the Lord. But it didn’t always happen that way.

Hopping from bar to bar as a young man, trying to make his daddy proud, Jesco meets Cilla (Carrie Fisher), twice his age, half his height, and the love of his life. But trouble was never far from him throughout the hollers of West Virginia. As Jesco puts it: “There’s tha devil runnin’ through my blood.”

Jesco has long been a muse and hero for American bands from Hank Williams III, The Kentucky Headhunters, Sam Black Church, Trailer Bride, Jim Shelley, Ekoostik Hookah to Beck, Live and the metal group Mastodon. Nick Zinner, guitarist from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs was brought on board for the soundtrack which also features several tracks by Hasil Adkins, an Appalachian-born one-man band, playing guitar and drums, singing, and playing a mind-blowing mixture of psychobilly, country, rock ’n’ roll, and blues.

Having received rave reviews from this year’s Sundance, Berlin and Edinburgh Film Festivals, White Lightnin’ will have a DVD release on September 28.