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Win Chuck Norris Blu-rays: A Force of One and The Octagon

Chuck Norris

Preview by Jack Foley

THE original “Expendable”, the undisputed toughest guy on the planet and the only man ever to have counted to infinity – twice, the second time backwards!

World Karate Champion turned actor Chuck Norris stars in these two classic, groundbreaking US kung-fu movies, now on Blu-ray for the first time.

A Force of One and The Octagon (Anchor Bay) arrive on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 6, 2012. Make sure you don’t miss out!

A Force of One

A routine investigation by a crack team of undercover narcotic agents becomes anything but when a deadly assassin begins to eliminate the members of the squad one by one.

In a desperate bid to identify the culprit, and to train its officers in the martial arts in order to defend themselves, the police force attempts to enlist the help of Matt Logan, a noted karate champion.

Initially reluctant to become involved in any way, Logan soon changes his mind when his adopted son becomes the villain’s latest victim. Driven by sheer vengeance, he vows to track down the psychotic serial killer and bring the reign of terror to an end in a climactic battle between good and evil.

A Force of One features Oscar-winning screenwriter Ernest Tidyman (The French Connection; Shaft), screen beauty Jennifer O’Neill (Scanners), cult 1980s horror icon Clu Gulager (Piranha 3DD; A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2; The Return Of The Living Dead) and legendary kickboxer Bill Wallace (The Protector).

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Certificate: 15/Running time: 90mins

The Octagon

Scott James is a man haunted by memories, eerie flashbacks that plague both his waking and sleeping hours. The first is a childhood memory relating to the intense and rigorous combat training he and his best friend endured under the guidance of a mysterious martial arts master.

The second is a far more painful recollection of loss, and one that has turned Scott away from his former life. But when a wealthy heiress convinces him to enter the fray once more, Scott finds himself drawn into an international terrorist organisation consisting of deadly ninjas, at the head of which is a close acquaintance from his past.

Now it is up to Scott to confront his worst fears and battle a former adversary in the ultimate ninja showdown.

Along with Norris, the cast of The Octagon features screen legend Lee Van Cleef (Escape From New York; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly), cult genre movie icon Art Hindle (Black Christmas; Porky’s; Invasion Of The Body Snatchers) and karate expert and bodyguard to the stars Richard Norton. It is directed by Eric Karson.

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Certificate: 15/Running time: 103mins

Win A Force of One and The Octagon on Blu-ray

To celebrate the release of Chuck Norris classics A Force of One and The Octagon on Blu-ray for the first time, we’re offering readers the chance to win 1 of 3 winners the chance to win a copy of both on Blu-Ray. Simply answer the following question…

Q. Who directs Chuck Norris in The Octagon?

Simply send the answer to Chuck Norris Blu-rays competition and include your name, address, telephone number and email