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Win Nenette and La Ville Lourve on DVD


Preview by Jack Foley

NENETTE and La Ville Lourve, both from internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker Nicholas Philbert, comes to DVD on May 23 and to mark the release we have 3 copies of both to give away!

Born in the jungles of Borneo over 40 years ago, Nénette the orangutan is now the most senior inhabitant of the world’s oldest zoo – and the star of this awe-inspiring, tender and funny film, from the director who charmed the world with the BAFTA nominated Etre et Avoir.

What we see is Nénette, going about her daily business; what we hear are the voices of the many visitors who pass comment on her every day, and reveal more about themselves than the object of their gaze.

Philibert’s film fascinates as a portrait of an ultimately unknowable celebrity whilst exploring thought-provoking themes of privacy, captivity and the relationship between the observer and the observed.

La Ville Lourve

Also released on the same day is La Ville Lourve, Philibert’s spellbinding look behind the scenes look at the world’s greatest art museum, which reveals the Lourve’s secret world of private chambers, miles of underground passages and vast reserves containing thousands of priceless paintings, sculptures and objects.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

Q. Nenette director Nicholas Philibert came to international attention with which documentary set in a rural French school?

A) Etre et Avoir
B) Spellbound
C) The Class

Simply send the answer to Nenette competition and include your name, address, telephone number and email

Nenette is released on DVD on May 23, 2011. Order it from Amazon here