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Win The 20th Century Boys on DVD

20th Century Boys

Compiled by Jack Foley

ON MAY 31, the epic manga trilogy The 20th Century Boys saga is released on DVD as a box set.

The box set includes a special edition 24-page book with an extra disc packed full of 4 hours bonus extras making the Japanese thriller trilogy a manga fan must have. To celebrate we have a copy of boxset for 5 lucky winners.

The 20th Century Boys begins in 1969 when a young boy named Kenji and his friends write “The Book of Prophecy”.

In the book, they write about a future where they fight against an evil organisation trying to take over the world and bringing about Doomsday.

Years later in 1997, a mysterious cult being lead by a man only known as “Friend” has emerged and gained a strong influence over society. A series of catastrophic events begin to occur, mirroring the prophecies made up by the young Kenji.

The greatest fear is that the climax of The Book of Prophecy will become a reality: on December 31st, 2000, a terrifying giant virus-spreading robot will attack the entire city of Tokyo, leading to the end of mankind.

The only people who know about The Book are Kenji and his childhood friends. Who is Friend? Will Kenji and his friends be able to save mankind and live to see the 21st Century?

For your chance to win just answer the following question…

Q. In what year does The 20th Century Boys saga begin?

A) 2005
B) 1997
C) 1969

Simply send the answer to 20th Century Boys competition and include your name, address, telephone number and email