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Winter in Wartime - Preview & competition

Winter in Wartime

Preview by Jack Foley

ON MAY 31, 2010 snow set thriller Winter in Wartime is released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disk.

Winter In Wartime marks the latest film from breakthrough British actor Jamie Campbell Bower, of the Harry Potter and Twilight series, and is the latest war film from the producer of acclaimed war film, Black Book.

To celebrate the release of the Dutch nomination for the Oscar and Golden Globe shortlists we have 3 copies of the DVD to give away.

Set in January 1945, Winter in Wartime is the story of a young man, Michiel who inadvertently receives a map detailing the hiding place of a crashed RAF pilot. An avid Nazi Hater in occupied Holland, Michiel, sets off on a mission to rescues the injured pilot, Jack.

Unaware of the terrible consequences that await his family, Michiel decides to help Jack escape, undertaking a perilous journey that could cost him everything he has ever known.

For your chance to win just answer the following question.

Q. Who plays Jack in Winter in Wartime?

A) Robert Patterson
B) Daniel Radcliffe
C) Jamie Campbell Bower

Simply send the answer to Winter in Wartime competition and include your name, address, telephone number and email

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