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You Only Live Once: 75th Anniversary - Preview

You Only Live Once

Preview by Jack Foley

RELEASED in 1937 and partly based on the legend of Bonnie and Clyde, Yon Only Live Once is an early film noir classic.

Directed by Fritz Lang, his second American film, Yon Only Live Once stars Oscar winning actor Henry Fonda (Grapes of Wrath, Twelve Angry Men) and Sylvia Sidney (Fury, Blood On The Run).

Eddie Taylor (Fonda) is a three-time convict completing his third term for felony. One more offense, the warden warns him and he will be returned to prison for life. Taylor is not a bad sort though, he has made his mistakes, but he has paid for them. All he wants now is a job, a home for the girl who has been waiting for him, Joan Graham (Sidney) and a family.

He gets a truck-driving job, marries Joan and even makes a down payment on a little house. Sadly, everything falls apart: he loses his job, and a hat, bearing the initials “E.T”, found at the scene of a fatal bank robbery, which is enough to convince a jury of his guilt.

So, he is forced to flee with his wife and baby on the way. In trying to avoid capture, Taylor becomes a murderer for real.

DVD extras include an introduction by George Wilson, an audio Interview with Fritz Lang recorded at the National Film Theatre in 1962 and Inside You Only Live Once, production takes from a film in the making.

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Certificate: 12
Running time: 82mins
UK DVD Release: June 4, 2012