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A new walking tour for Brixton

ON FRIDAY, July 13, 2012, Unseen Tours: London’s Street Voices, unique city walks led by homeless guides, are launching their new Brixton Unseen Tour.

This inspiring and unusual walk, researched and constructed by a formerly homeless lady local to the area, takes in the hidden alleyways, bohemian markets and poignant symbolic sites of Brixton, which for many still represents the epicentre of British multicultural society.

As well as exploring Brixton’s iconic picture houses, Hazel, the guide, also traces the path of Brixton’s hidden river and more sobering parallel history, including the Brixton riots of the 1980s and the establishment of Brixton prison, former home to philosopher and social reformer Bertrand Russell, and singer Mick Jagger.

Hazel also uncovers otherwise unseen corners of this dynamic borough, such as sites that triggered the recent controversy over criminalising squatting; shops accepting the unique Brixton pound as part of Brixton’s Transition Town ethos; and the famous march of the women of Brixton in protest against the area’s severe drug culture.

Since their launch in 2010, Unseen Tours have expanded across London. Led by homeless guides with their own distinctive styles and life histories, each Unseen Tour has its own personality, uncovering a city’s hidden history and present-day reality from their perspectives.

These are tours with a social conscience, appealing to city-dwellers and visitors alike, and anyone who wants to connect with people from different walks of life.

Unseen Tours provide an alternative and exciting perspective on well-known landmarks such as Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Hoxton Square, Covent Garden, Brick Lane, and Borough Market, also exploring the quirkier nooks and crannies of London in areas full of unexpected contrasts, such as opulent Mayfair, all interweaved with the guides’ own anecdotes of homeless living.

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