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Above Your Head - Air Gallery

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

FARI Shams’ exhibition Above Your Head, which presents views of the architecture of Florence that is not altogether conventional, is on display at the Air Gallery until December 3, 2007.

The exhibition presents a series of paintings and drawings inspired by the shadows and forms that can be seen when looking up. The works are therefore free from a specific orientation and some of the compositions appear upside down or rotated.

This deliberate emphasis on the subject as a structure influenced by its surroundings, in particular the effect of light, results in works that draw the viewer in offering hints of familiar forms on the one hand while, at the same time, enabling the imagination to wonder at the image and its content.

Sham’s characteristic style incorporates simple forms in sequence and repetition with a very distinct gestural application of mark making and colour.

Her approach to painting is fresh and mainly influenced by her ongoing pursuit of the relationships between music and maths inspiring a ‘project based’ approach to each major exhibition she has held for the past four years.

This year saw her first exhibition in Paris, followed by two exhibitions in the London underground in June and October sponsored by the company Art Below, and a large acquisition of works by 76 Harley Street. Both are also sponsors of this latest exhibition.

Her practice is not limited to painting but also involves a number of proposals for projects and installations she has been working on in collaboration with mathematicians, musicians and scientists and this is an area of her work which will become more and more prominent in the next few years.

Air Gallery, 32 Dover Street, London, W1S 4NE.