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Alexander James: Intersection

Exhibition preview

ARTIST Alexander James in association with Patrick Barstow P-A-M will be staging a major solo exhibition in London (The Studio Building, Notting Hill) from April 25 to May 23, 2013.

Entitled Intersection, it will be a culmination of the artist’s long-standing fascination with the theme Vanitas and will demonstrate his mastery of an entirely unique artistic process.

Using specimens from nature, period and handmade props, James constructs ephemeral sculptural installations underwater in black tanks filled with highly purified water, the final stage of which is to photograph the scene while painting light onto the surface of the water. He utilises these interactions between the object, light and lens submerged in water to create a painterly effect.

All of his works are presented ‘as shot’, free from post-production and digital editing. In an age increasingly dominated by digital imagery this dedication to in-camera purity adds an additional layer of intrigue to his artwork.

The exhibition will showcase a new Vanitas series with complementary new works from Swarm and Glass which embody his varied and complex oeuvre.

The inspiration for many of James’ works is taken from a long artistic tradition which highlights the temporality and fragility of life. The subtle yet pervading presence of water not only provides the painterly aesthetics but symbolises the power that water has both to give life and to take it away.

The underlying messages in these works have been the focus of James’ artistic output for almost a decade and his various explorations of this subject-matter will converge in this exhibition which will include works on an unprecedented large format scale, so as to completely envelop the viewer.

The Studio Building, 21 Evesham Street, Notting Hill, London, W11 4AJ