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Amazing Butterflies - Natural History Museum

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

A NEW family exhibition that explores the life cycle of some of the world’s most beautiful creatures, Amazing Butterflies, is on display in the giant maze and butterfly house at the Natural History Museum – until August 17, 2008.

In the maze, visitors can shrink to the size of a caterpillar and follow its journey to chrysalis to eventual butterfly and, along the way, feed a hungry caterpillar, climb into a chrysalis or even dance like a butterfly. But as with all mazes, there are dead ends where predatory spiders and sticky plant traps lie in wait.

In the butterfly house, amid exotic plants, there are hundreds of butterflies and moths from North and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. And in the hatchery, visitors can see butterflies emerge from their chrysalises.

And in the butterfly garden with its plants that grow in the UK, visitors can see our native butterflies, as well as seasonal visitors; plus get plenty of tips about how to attract these lovely creatures to their own gardens.

For more information visit the Natural History Museum’s website.