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Anthony Lister: Hurt People - Hurt People at Lazarides

Anthony Lister: Hurt People - Hurt People

Exhibition preview

LAZARIDES Rathbone has announced a major new body of provocative work from Australian artist Anthony Lister.

Hurt People – Hurt People, on display from November 28 to December 20, 2014, presents a series of multi-faceted portraits saturated in celebrity and media obsessed disaster, continuing the artist’s distinguished superhero series featured in 2013’s Unslung Heroes.

The exhibition extends the artist’s exploration into the innate sense of chaos and false sense of security existing in modern society, distracting us from the current continuum of corruption and tragedy.

The Brisbane-born painter illustrates themes existing between high and low brow culture whilst questioning a society immersed in obtrusive media and poisonous lifestyles. Coining the term ‘adventure painting’ Lister’s large-scale canvases are hedonistic yet demure, constantly evolving stylistically whilst extending an impressionist approach to contemporary portraiture.

Dark undertones often cloud the artist’s seductive figures, constructed from a harmony of unapologetic brush strokes and bold colour palette. Loaded with authentic energy Lister animates his ominous characters within each composition, merging technical execution of old masters with free-hand spontaneity associated with his street art peers.

Having consistently exhibited throughout Europe, America and Australia, Lister’s return to London follows recent solo exhibitions in New York and Miami, turning the artist’s focus once more to the human form and cultural identity.

The nomadic artist’s latest high-profile commissions include: The Standard in New York City’s Meat Packing district, public mural’s in conjunction with Soho’s L.I.S.A project and a newly released artist book, Anthony Lister – Adventure Painter, “documenting Lister’s physical and intellectual travels as he’s explored themes ranging from flawed superheroes to characters portraying classical mythology’s pop equivalents.” – Roger Gastman through Ginko Press.

Hurt People – Hurt People promises to transcend categorisation, unleashing a body of work both within the gallery and off-site, responding to poignant contemporary issues with an unashamed idiosyncratic delivery.

Raised in a broken home in suburban Brisbane, Anthony Lister is today among the world’s most collectable urban artists. Introduced to art by his orphaned grandmother, Lister graduated from the Queensland College of Art in 2001 before moving to New York in 2003 to apprentice alongside his mentor, Max Gimblett.

With draughtsman skills likened to Australia’s Brett Whiteley and a creative output that exceeds most of his peers, the multi-disciplinary artist has participated in an impressive list of sell-out solo and group exhibitions spanning Europe, America and Australia.

In addition to a strong background in street art he employs a sophisticated painterly style, drawing inspiration from the works of Francis Bacon and Egon Schiele as well as popular youth culture and graffiti. High and low culture clash too in the content of his paintings, drawings and installations – boorish superheroes, flirtatious ballet dancers, bad-tempered old masters and imperious vamps raucously coexist at the party rapidly deteriorating inside Anthony Lister’s head.

His work can be found on the walls of everyone from Geoffrey Rush to Hugh Jackman, as well as recent acquisitions from Australia’s National Gallery. In 2010, Lister was named one of the top 50 collectable artists in Australia by Australian Art Collector and has recently undertaken an extensive research residency in Berlin. His work has been featured in numerous publications by Taschen, New York Times, Gestalten and Phaidon.

Times: Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Lazarides Rathbone, 11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR


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