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Becoming Blood: Halloween Weekender - Science Gallery London

Blood Bikers, part of Blood Life Uncut, credit Science Gallery London

Event preview

SCIENCE Gallery London is presenting Becoming Blood (October 28 and 29, 2017), an alternative Halloween weekender of free events, interactive installations and experiences around Peckham exploring the vital fluid inside us all.

The weekend will include:

Blood Bikers – Saturday, October 28 from 2pm – 10pm and Sunday, October 29 from 2pm – 7pm. FREE.

Find the roaming performance team, the Blood Bikers, as they bike between the Safehouses and Copeland Gallery, stopping to gather stories, share messages, and stage ideas inspired by blood. They will perform short stories, create unique interactions and offer you a chance to find out your blood type.

Forensics Uncovered: Who Dunnit? – Sunday, October 29 from 11am – 12noon. Safehouse 2, 137 Copeland Road. FREE.

Don your best detective hats and join artist Bea Haines and Dr Nunzianda Frascione and James Gooch from the Forensic Science Department at King’s College London to hear about how Bea’s latest artwork was developed, and uncover the techniques used to detect traces of blood. From Luminol to forensic fingerprinting powder and beyond, find out what the future holds for this area of forensics.

Sarah-Jane Norman: Take this for this is my body – Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29, various times. Safehouse 1, 139 Copeland Road, London. FREE (donation to National Justice Project encouraged).

Forensics Uncovered, part of Blood: Life Uncut. Bea Haines and Nunzianda Frascione and Science Gallery London.

Join indigenous Australian artist, S.J Norman for a traditional cream tea with a twist. Take part in a typically British colonial cultural ritual that has been reinterpreted by three Aboriginal performers. Explore ideas of ‘contamination’, the complex history of the British Empire and the impact of the ongoing legacy of the British Empire on First Nations People.

Jamie Lewis Hadley – Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29 from 7.30 – 8.30pm. Station Barbers, Peckham.

There’s a new Sweeney Todd in town… only this one’s not out to kill! Situated within the window of a barbershop, this performance explores the history of bloodletting as a medical practice, tracing its roots in ancient medicine, the rise of the barber-surgeon and the current understanding of blood within modern medicine.

Image (top): Blood Bikers, part of Blood: Life Uncut, Science Gallery London.

Image (bottom): Forensics Uncovered, part of Blood: Life Uncut. Bea Haines and Nunzianda Frascione and Science Gallery London.