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BLOOD: Life Uncut - Science Gallery London

BLOOD: Life Uncut

Exhibition preview

SCIENCE Gallery at King’s College London is presenting BLOOD: Life Uncut, an exhibition and event series that reveals the captivating, visceral power of blood to expose, shock and save lives.

The season highlights the scientific and symbolic nature of blood by telling personal and provocative stories of this vital, life-affirming fluid that connects us all.

The season launches in late July with a series of participatory events and installations at various venues around London Bridge, and concludes with an exhibition at the Copeland Gallery in Peckham, London, alongside a programme of performances and workshops in September and October.

The season will feature a range of artists from around the world, including Jordan Eagles, Katharine Dowson, Live Art Development Agency, Chris Milk and poet Sabrina Mahfouz who will create a new collection of poetry in response to the season.

New collaborations between artists and scientists tackle issues which are often invisible, offering fresh perspectives on menstruation, Ebola, sickle cell anaemia, blood donation, forensics and blood typing.

BLOOD: Life Uncut will include:

● A series of talks in July, August and October around the Guy’s Campus, King’s College London.

● Pop-up performances and installations across the Guy’s Campus at King’s College London and London Bridge from July 27, including a multimedia installation by Helen Pynor in The Old Operating Theatre (July 27 to August 17) and a multi-site installation by Jordan Eagles (July 27 -30).

● An exhibition at Peckham’s Copeland Gallery from October 12. This will include Personal Protection Equipme by Izabela Żółcińska, an artwork inspired by the Ebola crisis; Illuminations, a projection installation by New York based artist Jordan Eagles exploring the taboos surrounding the donation of blood by gay men; Bad Blood by Casey Jenkins, a large scale knitted work using menstrual blood; and One Drop of Blood by Dan Elborne, an interactive ceramic installation influenced by his mother’s fight with breast cancer.

● Pop up performances and events in October include Blood on the Streets by Jamie Lewis Hadley, a public performance situated within the window of a barbershop exploring the history of bloodletting as a medical practice, and an evening of film, performance and talks curated by Live Art Development Agency.

● A special series of podcasts exploring personal experiences of blood. Highlights include stories that explore the experience of sickle cell patients, gender, women’s health, and the future of artificial blood.

Science Gallery at King’s College London is part of Science Gallery International. Established in 2012, the founding goal was to establish a Global Science Gallery Network by 2020. As a powerful force at the forefront of the STEM to STEAM movement, the network is connected by a shared mission to ignite curiosity and discovery where art and science collide, leading to the emergence of a global, interdisciplinary network of galleries connected to leading universities.

The first cross-network season for Science Gallery, Science Gallery’s BLOOD: Life Uncut is a collaboration between Science Gallery London and Science Gallery Melbourne, with the season running simultaneously across two Science Gallery sites in London and Melbourne. Inspired by the original exhibition BLOOD: Not for the faint-hearted at Science Gallery Dublin in 2015, this series will also include new provocative works and experiences exploring the scientific, symbolic and strange nature of blood.

Science Gallery London is a flagship project for King’s College London, and will be opening in 2018 as a space where science and art collide.

Guy’s Campus at King’s College London and Copeland Gallery, Peckham