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Briefs - The Second Coming - London Wonderground

Event preview

BY POPULAR demand, Briefs – The Second Coming is returning to London Wonderground for a full four week run (August 28 to September 28, 2014) and on the way will play every night at Glastonbury as the headline cabaret act (June 24 to June 29).

Take six Australian hunks and one New Yorker of differing shapes and sizes, add a fierce portion of drag and mischievous masculinity, infuse with dancing, tumbling, juggling, acro-balancing, trapeze, hula hooping, lip syncing, six-inch heels, cover in sequins frocks and glamour, season with wicked wit, a pinch of punk and all-round misbehaviour and let the fun begin. The boys are back in town!

Briefs – The Second Coming presents an eye-popping blend of dog show satire, intimate yo-yo tricks, wind machines, Busby-Berkeley spectacle, pure burlesque and an array of serious circus skills.

Audience-favourite Shivannah (Fez Faanana) has several new and surprising tricks ready and leads the chaotic troop through the show with charm. The Las Vegas award-winning ‘Captain Kidd’ takes a turn as the fabulous bird in his own golden bird bath and stuns the audience as Nadja Cumminatcha with some new and unexpected tricks.

The new disorderly Briefs line up also includes the fierce Dallas Dellaforce, who brings drag artistry and theatre to a new level; Australian circus star Ben Lewis of Tom Tom Crew and CIRCA ZOO fame; Evil Hate Monkey, escaped from New York Zoo, who dazzles with his award-winning burlesque banana ballet; and fresh-faced circus brats Lachy Shelley and Louis Biggs, who melt hearts and have the audience gasping for more.

Briefs was spawned in the back warehouse space of a bookshop in Brisbane’s West End in 2008. With no rules or restrictions, they began by tagging a club night to give performers the chance to try out some new late night cabaret/variety acts. Purely artist driven, it had no agenda, was stuck together with a bit of hope, gaff and glitter and was completely off the radar. Soon they realised that people were gagging for this kind of stuff.

They did a string of club nights as part of Brisbane Festival which led to a run at Adelaide fringe. They were then offered a chance to develop Briefs and present it at the Judith Wright centre which is where Briefs made a transition from a club night into the new context of a fully produced show.

From its humble beginnings six years ago, Briefs has made its way from the bowels of Brisbane’s underground to an act that now enjoys an international status and sells out wherever it goes.

Briefs: The Second Coming was produced with the assistance of Brisbane Powerhouse and the Queensland Arts Council.

Tickets: £15.50 – available online at

Time: 7.30pm.

Running Time: 75 minutes.