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Butterfly Explorer - Natural History Museum

Butterfly Explorers

'Expedition' preview

BUTTERFLY Explorer, on the east lawn of the Natural History Museum, takes visitors on a journey through the museum’s magnificent butterfly house, where they can explore habitats and continents across the world and discover the spectacular butterflies that live there.

At the entrance, you will be given an expedition passport to stamp at borders on the trail.

The butterfly house, with four habitat zones – South America, North America, Asia and Africa – is filled with hundreds of live butterflies, and a feeding table. And there are two hatchery windows to observe pupae and emerging butterflies.

The outdoor British garden has tips on how to attract butterflies at home and the outdoor garden has a maze, tree-house and play area.

And as well as fun interactive activities and colourful information panels throughout, there’s a shop with great gifts for butterfly fans.

It means that on your journey, you can spot different butterfly species and the stages in their life cycles. You can also find out why some species are under threat and what might be in your own back garden.

Butterfly Explorers, which runs until September 26, 2010, is suitable for families and children aged 5 to 11.

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