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Butterfly Jungle - Natural History Museum

Exhibition preview

AN EXHIBITION entitled Butterfly Jungle is on display at the Natural History Museum until September 27, 2009.

Butterfly Jungle is, however, more than just an exhibition. It’s also an interactive jungle adventure packed with things to do:

Outdoor explorer trail

Visitors can climb, crawl, swing and jump their way through the different layers of the rainforest as they follow the outdoor trail to the butterfly house.

They can also discover the amazing characters of the rainforest – tackle their survival challenges through fun physical activities and brain-teasing puzzles, follow animal tracks, spot camouflaged insects and even swing like a monkey!

Meet tropical creatures

Rainforests are home to creatures such as butterflies, beetles, frogs, spiders and snakes. Here visitors can get up close to a few of these incredible species including a live red knee tarantula, giant centipede, emperor scorpions, and Charlie the iguana (star of the recent Darwin exhibition).

Visitors can also find out how these creatures avoid getting eaten, find food and build a home and, more importantly, why we must protect this rich and beautiful habitat.

Inside the butterfly house

Here visitors can experience the magic and beauty of a rainforest filled with more than a thousand live butterflies, among them the postman butterfly, one of the rare butterflies that follows exactly the same route from flower to flower each day.

To find out more visit the Natural History Museum’s excellent Website