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Carrying the Flame - The London Silver Vaults

Late-C19th ornate four-arm

Event preview

THE SPRING selling exhibition at The London Silver Vaults – the home of silver shopping – will feature a beautiful variety of silver candlesticks and candelabra from the early 18th century to the contemporary.

Entitled Carrying the Flame, it will run from February 4 to May 19, 2012.

Flickering candlelight at the dining table sets the tone for the most stylish dinners, and the selection of antique and modern silver to be displayed will encompass all tastes from timeless Georgian elegance to avant garde contemporary.

Whether you prefer a set of two or four traditional candlesticks, or a more mix and match approach combining candlesticks with a candelabra, these can be enhanced when displayed down the centre of a table with tea-lights below to set the silver off to its utmost sparkle.

Candelabra will be shown with two-, three-, four-, and five-arm variations; many candelabra have removable arms for additional use as a single candlestick.

Small desk candlesticks, which would originally have been used to read by, could be collected in a variety of designs to group together on a mantelpiece.

As a variation on candlesticks and candelabra, the exhibition will also display oil lamps, chambersticks, wax jacks, table lighters, even electric lamps, and such vital accoutrements as candlesnuffers and wick trimmers.

With prices ranging from under £200 to over £20,000, there will examples for all budgets.

NB: The price of silver bullion is currently riding high alongside gold, and antique or period silver still offers a far more cost-effective option than new silver items of a similar size.

However the price of antique silver may have to rise in future, so if you have always yearned for a pair of silver candlesticks, now is a good time to buy. If looking to invest, always buy the best examples you can afford, as these are more likely to retain, and potentially increase, their value.

Old Sheffield Plate can offer a viable alternative to those seeking original C18th pieces at a more affordable price than sterling silver.

The London Silver Vaults, Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1QS