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Chopsticks Optional - Nunnery Gallery

Exhibition preview

AN EXHIBITION entitled Chopsticks Optional will be on display at the Nunnery Gallery from January 14 to January 24, 2010.

Chopsticks Optional is an exhibition about boundaries, about collaboration and crossovers between two very different practices. It is also the pseudonym for the collective work of Corinne Felgate and John Walter.

In investigating their personal and professional friendship, Felgate and Walter have pooled their skills and ideas to produce a multitude of new works. These include artist’s books, costumes, paintings, performances, photographs and sculptures.

After establishing a collaborative language, they expanded their practice further, working with photographer Ollie Harrop and then with eight performers from The London Contemporary Dance School.

In another context, the body of work they have produced might be considered a fashion collection with corresponding catwalk show. However, in the context of the Nunnery each piece becomes a performance and a non-replicable ‘one-off’, treading the line between art and fashion. Chopsticks Optional, therefore, considers both the boundaries of the individual artists’ practices and those of art itself.

The two artists devised the project as a potential antidote to the prevailing trends within the London art scene; they are discombobulated by the repetitive references to Modernism and the Haiku-like conceptualism which abounds; instead they offer a heady maximalism; visually luxurious, loaded with art historical references but also charged with humour and wit.

Events and Times:

Cocktail Afternoon – Saturday, January 16 (1pm to 5pm).
See the exhibition and view documentation of the opening night accompanied by a beverage.

Movie Marathon – Sunday, January 17 (12 to 8pm).
The artists select and screen films that have influenced the show.

Artist’s Talk and Crafternoon – Saturday, January 23 (1pm to 5pm).
Felgate and Walter discuss their individual and collective practice and lead a making session.

Closing Feast – Sunday, January 24 (1pm to 5pm).
Join the artists along with their collaborators for a celebratory closing feast.

Nunnery Gallery, 183 Bow Road, London, E3 2SJ

Tel: 020 7538 1719