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Co-Respondent - Transition Gallery

Mimei Thompson and Urara Tsuchiya

Exhibition preview

AN EXHIBITION entitled Co-Respondent – The inherent pleasure and pain of working with A N Other will be on display at Transition Gallery from February 16 to March 3, 2013.

Participating artists include Paul Kindersley and Sarah Cleaver, Travis Riley and Sarah Bernhardt, Corinna Spencer and Andrea Hannon and Mimei Thompson and Urara Tsuchiya.

As our contemporary culture careers towards ever-increasing mix and match experiments, the role of the lone practitioner, along with their own particular brand of I-am-ness, appears to be under a suspicious highbrow scrutiny.

Many funding faux pas have been driven by a myopic, almost religious, zeal to crash together as many ideas/recipients/groups as possible in order to stretch resources and appear inclusive. Artists, however, are notoriously difficult to corral and under such heavy manners will slip and slide outside of their enforced holding pen.

The main premise of Co-Respondent involves a series of sets of (two) artists working with text and imagery. Each duo has taken a subject in which they are both specifically interested. Each of these mini collectivist manifestations refute the idea of lost individualism and signify instead the shared enthusiasms, responsibilities, and playfulness which can be encountered when working with a co-responsive A N Other.

Work on show at Co-Respondent includes a monkey information desk, paintings inspired by Parades and a mail art project influenced by the work of Sophie Calle.

Co-Respondent foreshadows the upcoming issue of Garageland magazine, which looks at collaboration.

Opening Times: Friday to Sunday 12 – 6pm.

Transition Gallery, Unit 25a Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London, E8 4QN