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Collectable Prints 2014 - GX Gallery

Exhibition preview

COLLECTABLE Prints 2014 fills the main gallery space of GX Gallery and is on display to the public from February 15 to March 5, 2014.

An overview of some of the most prominent artists in Britain, this exhibition is a chance to pick up some of the best examples of British Fine Art Prints in London.

Artists include:

Sir Peter Blake, the ‘Godfather of Pop Art’, has been practicing since the 1950’s and an array of his classic and notorious vibrant pop art prints and intricate collage-style prints are on display. His works involve snippets of consumerist culture, with an involvement of Blake’s personal interests and a portrayal of his past memories.

Joe Webb is a collage artist, who has attracted a lot of recent attention with four newly released works that were featured in the Art of England magazine. Many of his works have been acquired by the Saatchi Gallery. Webb brings together two to three images to create one new image, conveying a completely new idea or narrative.

Dan Baldwin’s silkscreens create a world of parallels and contradictions, with the use of abstraction and figuration and the presentation of elements of reality alongside fantasy. Baldwin provides us with a variation of subject matter, with his works involving his memories, as well as philosophical and political issues.

Bruce McLean is a well-established painter and printer who studied under Anthony Caro at St. Martins School of Art. Through his humorous and mocking tone he expresses his dislike of the pompousness of the art world. The prints on show bear similarities to the late collage works of Henri Matisse, projecting the same level of colour and vibrancy.

Brad Faine has always had a passion for printing; both studying and teaching the practice. The pieces featured in the exhibition focus on a complex and chaotic layering of colours and shapes, fit into a grid-style format. These intricately detailed works comically and humorously deal with a diverse range of current issues.

Storm Thorgerson (1944 – 2013) was prolific within both the art and music industry. He designed many internationally known album covers, most notably for the band Pink Floyd. Thorgerson’s designs display a strong sense of surrealism, combining dissimilar images and characters within otherworldly environments.

Martin Richardson gained the world’s first PhD in display holography from The Royal College of Art in 1988. He is regarded as an imaging pioneer. He has made holograms of many famous people, and his work is exhibited around the world. He is a regular contributor to imaging periodicals and peer reviewed conference proceedings both nationally and internationally.

Admission: Free.

Times: Monday to Saturday, 9.30am – 6pm.

GX Gallery, 43 Denmark Hill, Camberwell, SE5 8RS