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Comfort in Chaos - Red Gate Gallery

Exhibition preview

RED GATE Gallery is presenting Comfort in Chaos, a one-day exhibition of recent works featuring fashion photography combined with portraiture, by emerging photographer Maria Thompson – on Wednesday, September 16, 2009.

Thompson’s work has on the one hand elements of the burlesque with highly erotic, yet subtle undertones. On the other hand, she was very interested to take ethnicity out of its initial context by photographing Indian classical dancers within a completely different environment.

Stylistically, Thompson’s work is contemporary, sexy and subtle. Her pictorial compositions are well thought through and introduce the viewer to very interesting interplays between subject and depth of field.

Recently noticed for her contemporary style by London’s renowned Burlesque fashion designer Velda Lauder, Thompson was asked by Lauder to shoot her latest 2009 corset range, which was displayed in several European launch parties.

In addition, Thompson’s photography has also been featured in Akademi, Indian dance performers at London’s Southbank Centre. This included images of Britain’s top beat boxer ‘Shlomo’, which were used for youth projects as part of the learning and skills council.

Thompson’s keen interest in Classical Indian dance portraiture has also led her to produce images with ‘The Aangikam Dance Akademi group’.

Her work is not only thought provoking, but engages the viewer into a world of emotion through strong expressions of colour and unusual imagery of people.

Speaking about her work, she said: “Most people constrain themselves with ideals, limitations and the vain search for perfection. We smother ourselves with visual and emotional aids; make-up, fashion, culture, labels and identity, until we nestle in some sense of comfort. I have asked the question: are these all simply a support for insecurity? I wanted to put subjects in places that have no sense of belonging – to evoke an emotion that I believe we all have encountered at some point in our lives. Hence, the art of finding and photographing comfort in its chaos”.

Times: 2.30pm to 6.30pm.

Red Gate Gallery, 209a Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8RU

Tel: 020 73260993