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Construct - Eleven Spitalfields Gallery

Esmond Bingham 'Huts'

Exhibition preview

CONSTRUCT, a duo exhibition by the artists Esmond Bingham and John Christie, will be on display at Eleven Spitalfields Gallery from April 1 to April 30, 2010.

Both artists play with many of the elements with which architects and those who love architecture will be familiar – space, structure, surface, light, illusion – and both have a relaxed affection for the legacy of modernism.

Featuring a mix of 2D and 3D installations, prints, constructions and drawings, Construct is interested in the experiments and energy of early 20th century art and the non-representational: ‘how things behave rather than what they are.’

Bingham’s work is characterised by a strong interest in sheet and linear structure and a delight in the unexpected in ordinary materials. His work is concerned with the physical, emotional and psychological language of everyday things.

John Christie 'From Dazzle'

Christie’s work in this joint exhibition is part of an on-going preoccupation with the constructed, non-representational object. An interest in the experiments and energy of early 20th century art and how those visual experiments fed into practical applications, such as WWI disruptive pattern or “Dazzle” camouflage, provide some clues to the process and ideas behind these latest, small-scale works.

Times: Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 6pm and by appointment.

Eleven Spitalfields Gallery, 11 Princelet Street, Spitalfields, London, E1 6QH.

Tel: 020 7247 1816 (office hours).

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