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Create, Master, Inspire: Ten years of the Art Academy

Work by Jessica Nyssen

Exhibition preview

AN EXHIBITION celebrating the 10th year of the Art Academy, Create, Master, Inspire: Ten years of the Art Academy, will be on display at the Menier Gallery from July 7 to July 10, 2010.

Showcasing works of diverse mediums and subjects, it will mark the achievements of Art Academy students during its first ten years.

Talking about the Art Academy, Tanya Russell, its principal and founder, said:

“At just ten years old the Art Academy is still a young organization and we have maintained the same aims from the start – to give the best possible training to students aspiring to be professional artists, to reach out to all sorts of people who can and should have the chance to benefit from being creative, and to develop a voice in the wider debate about art and art education.

“We have come a long way – the work I see by our current and former students bears witness to that – but there is so much more we can achieve, through upgrading our facilities, widening our network and extending our courses, so our second decade promises to be as exciting and progressive as our first.”

The exhibition will showcase the works of past and current students:

Arabella Brooke, Barrie Skeggs, Blaize Simon, Brian Hillman, Briony Marshall, Bryony Day, Carl Turner, Chloe Leaper, Chutima (Nok) Kerdpitak, Efstathis (Efi) Liarokapi…

…Felipe Marinho, George Triggs, Georgina Read, Hiromi Scintu, James John, Jessica Nyssen, Jill Simpson, John O’Connor, Justin Fitzpatrick, Karen Brewis…

…Kerr Gemmell, Lynn Todd, Minako Nonaka, Nicola Taylor, Paolo Giordanella, Paul Northfield, Peter Sherrard, Preeti Anand, Rebecca Glover and Sachiyo Ito.

Admission: Free.

Times: Wednesday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Menier Gallery, 51-53 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU