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Crufts Around the Corner: Which Famous Film Dogs Will Be There?


Feature by Jack Foley

THE World’s Greatest Dog Show is just around the corner. Do you know where you’ll be watching? And which famous film pooches will be there?

After all, CRUFTS has become somewhat ingrained into our yearly viewing habits. Less a giant dog show, more a cultural institution. Plus, who doesn’t want to flex their expert knowledge of dog breeds, agility, and heelwork for four days? Even if you don’t know your flyball from your freestyles, it’s fun to get involved. Especially when guessing which famous film dogs will be in attendance.

Now, when this time of year rolls around, you usually have two choices. Head out in your glad rags, ticket in hand straight to Birmingham’s NEC and soak in the atmosphere, the cheers, and chewing of dog treats first hand. Or, tune in at home like the rest of us commonfolk. Both have their obvious advantages, but the latter makes for a more relaxed long weekend sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, and playing head judge. How very British.

CRUFTS 2020 will be broadcast live and on-demand by Channel 4. So, even if the boss won’t grant you two days’ leave to catch Thursday and Friday’s proceedings, you and your pooch will be able to catch up on all of the action.

There will even be a dedicated CRUFTS YouTube channel too covering highlights of the weekend’s events. Not to mention a podcast promising the inside scoop and behind the scene interviews for listeners. If you want to get even more involved in the furry action, you can also bet on which pooch you think will come out on top, for example, we’ve heard from Betpal that the terrier breed is set to take CRUFTS 2020 Best in Show.

But, the final question on every film fan’s mind is this. Which famous pooches are going to grace the green carpet this year? So far the press has been quiet about any planned appearances. But it’s not uncommon for one or more four-legged stars to steal the limelight from any human on two.


Who could forget the appearance of Sonny, Eggy’s chosen companion from the modern-day British intelligence franchise Kingsman. What this pug lacked in size he sure made up for with attitude and moody good looks.

The following year we were also treated to the shaggy hound Phil from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. A truly magical spot for us muggle viewers.

Maybe you’re more of a period costume connoisseur, on the other hand. If so, you might remember the elegantly pint-sized spaniel Tori from the Academy Award-winning British drama Young Victoria. Only a few years ago Gizmo of Beauty and the Beast fame was spotted strutting around on red velvet too. There’s even a hilarious clip of her tearing a visitor’s newspaper on cue.

But, the famous dogs of CRUFTS don’t just end at film. TV and stunt dogs are also sometimes invited to attend and interact with fans. While we can’t quite get a paw print autograph from home, it still makes for fun wholesome viewing. Especially when you can claim bragging rights as the first one to spot an animal celebrity cameo.

With all the viewing options on hand, there’s really no excuse to miss the greatest dog show of 2020. We’ll be tuning in, front row and centre for sure.

Photo Source: Pexels